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Oakdale High Esports

Esports proudly joined the Oakdale High School community in 2021. OHS Esports is part of the Central California Esports League, and competes in League of Legends and Rocket League.


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Rocket League




Rocket League




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League of Legends

League of Legends is a 5 player team game that combines elements of tower defense and capture the flag. Players choose from a roster of over 150 possible characters to play in the attempt to destroy the opposition's strategically placed defense towers and finally, their base.  Since the games debut in 2009 it has had an international following, and with the rise of esports, it looks to continue to grow its fan base of casual and hardcore gamers alike.



Rocket League

Rocket League is a hybrid of one the world's most popular games, soccer. Instead of controlling a human player on a screen, players control cars. The most popular version of Rocket League is the 3 man format where two 3 man teams face each other in an arena and attempt to score goals on the opposition, soccer style.  Rocket League is a wildly successful game that has averaged over 90 million players every month since February 2021.

Screenshot of Rocket League